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Schenefeld, Germany

DOI Title
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-MOA02 First Lasing of a Free Electron Laser in the Soft X-Ray Spectral Range with Echo Enabled Harmonic Generation
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUA01 Parallel Operation of SASE1 and SASE3 at the European XFEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUA04 Harmonic Lasing Experiment at the European XFEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP004 A Superradiant THz Undulator Source for XFELs
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP009 Integration of an XFELO at the European XFEL Facility
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP056 Feasibility Studies of the 100 keV Undulator Line of the European XFEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP058 First Characterization of the Photon Beam at the European XFEL in July, 2017
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP061 Super-X: Simulations for Extremely Hard X-Ray Generation With Short Period Superconducting Undulators for the European XFEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP062 Two Colors at the SASE3 Line of the European XFEL: Project Scope and First Measurements
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP073 High-Repetition-Rate Seeding Schemes Using a Resonator-Amplifier Setup
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP077 Study of a Seeded Oscillator-Amplifier FEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-TUP079 Status of the Hard X-Ray Self-Seeding Setup at the European XFEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-WEP076 A Superconducting Undulator With Variable Polarization Direction for the European FEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-WEP079 Effect of Heat Load on Cryo-Cooled Monochromators at the European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser: Simulations and First Experimental Observations
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-WEP080 ROSA: Reconstruction of Spectrogram Autocorrelation for Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission Free-Electron Lasers
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-WED02 Absorbed Radiation Doses on the European XFEL Undulator Systems During Early User Experiments
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-THP002 Beam Based Alignment in all Undulator Beamlines at European XFEL
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-THP041 Interaction of Powerful Electro-Magnetic Fields With Bragg Reflectors
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-THP051 Generating Trains of Attosecond Pulses with a Free-Electron Laser
10.18429/JACoW-FEL2019-THD03 FEL Optimization: From Model-Free to Model-Dependent Approaches and ML Prospects