Proc. 65th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop
on High Luminosity Circular e⁺e⁻ Colliders (eeFACT'22)
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The 65th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity Circular e+e- Colliders (eeFACT2022) was hosted by INFN Frascati National Laboratories on September 12- 16, 2022. The workshop was organized in the context and with sponsoring of the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel and EU/IFAST funded European Network for Accelerator Performance and Concepts (APEC), under GA 101004730. This is a bi-annual meeting, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 edition had to be postponed. Previous editions were held at Fermilab (2012), Beijing (2014), Daresbury (2016), Hong Kong (2018). The eeFACT workshop series scope is:
  • Reviewing and documenting the state of the art in e+e- factory design;
  • Reviewing and drawing lessons from SuperKEKB phase 3 commissioning;
  • Catalyzing further contributions to the SuperKEKB, FCC, CEPC & tau-charm design efforts;
  • Fostering synergies and new collaborations across communities, in particular with low-emittance light sources and other colliders (muon, linear, e-ion) and between continents;
  • Jointly developing novel solutions to outstanding problems.
The complete agenda can be found on the workshop website. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the workshop was organized in both in-person and remote format. 112 delegates registered and 61% participated in person. Topics were divided in 13 Working Groups, each assigned to 2 conveners, and the program built accordingly. Two EXTRA sessions were organized after the Workshop, on Thursday 15th afternoon and Friday 16th morning, to address the “Luminosity and Electrical power projections for various e+e- Factories” topic. The total number of talks (including the EXTRA sessions) was 105. However, only 67 abstracts were presented for the proceedings with 44 paper submissions. A list of the Working Group topics and conveners is shown in the table below.

WG Convener Topic
  1 Levichev/Biagini Overview of colliders (including muon & e-ion colliders)
  2 Branchini/Dam Physics & Detector
  3 Oide/Gao Optics & Beam Dynamics
  4 Zobov/Zimmermann Beam-beam & Instabilities
  5 Boscolo/Sullivan Interaction Region & MDI & Backgrounds
  6 Seeman/Furukawa Injection
  7 Ikeda/Wendt Instrumentation
  8 Bogomyagkov/Gianfelice       Polarization and energy calibration
  9 Kersevan/Shibata Vacuum
10 Parker/Koop/Li Magnets
11 Brunner/Rimmer RF
12 Qin/Funakoshi Infrastructures, Cryogenics, Commissioning & Operation
13 Faus-Golfe/Wenninger Monochromatization

The participating delegates per geographical area and per Institution are shown in the figure below. Unfortunately Russian scientists could not be allowed to participate due to the conflict in Ukraine.

delegates regional distribution delegates regional distribution
delegates per institute

The Organizing Committee warmly thanks all participants for the interesting talks and enthusiastic participation.

group picture
Maria Enrica Biagini, Chair
INFN-FNL, Frascati, Rome, Italy

eeFACT'22 was hosted by INFN-LNF, Frascati, Italy, from 12-16 September, 2022,  
and was further supported by ICFA and the EU via IFAST, GA 101004730.
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