Author: Mustafin, D.A.
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TUP22 Production of Intense Metal Ion Beams at the DC-60 Cyclotron 136
  • V.N. Loginov, S.L. Bogomolov, A.E. Bondarchenko, V. Mironov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  • V.V. Alexandrenko, I.A. Ivanov, M.V. Koloberdin, S.G. Kozin, A.E. Kurakhmedov, D.A. Mustafin, Y.K. Sambayev, M.V. Zdorovets
    INP NNC RK, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  Funding: This work was supported by MES RK IRN under grant number AP05133476.
In 2017-2018, research program of the DC-60 cyclotron (Astana Branch of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kazakhstan) requests acceleration of intense ion beams of solid elements. Beams of B and Fe ions are produced in ECR ion source by using the volatile compounds, while ions of Li, Mg, P and Ca are produced by evaporation from an oven. Beams of 56Fe10+, 7Li1+, 24Mg4+, 31P5+, 40Ca7+, and 11B2+ ions were accelerated up to energies of 1.32-1.75 MeV/u.
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