Author: Feng, Y.C.
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Perspective on High-Power Microwave Coupling in Gyrotron Frequency ECR Ion Sources  
  • J.W. Guo, X. Fang, Y.C. Feng, L. B. Li, L. X. Li, W. Lu, Z. Shen, L.T. Sun, W.H. Zhang, X.Z. Zhang, H.W. Zhao
    IMP/CAS, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  Better understanding of microwave power coupling is a key issue to enhance the performance of an ECR ion source in terms of higher ion beam intensity yield and critical in the design of the next generation ECRIS. For this reason, we investigated the impact on highly charged ion production using different microwave coupling modes and waveguide calibers with superconducting ECR Ion Source SECRAL, and some very encouraging results were obtained. Based on the comparison of ion source performance working at different coupling schemes, analytical studies on microwave power launching efficiency and the characteristics of electric field power distribution inside the ECRIS chamber have been made and some preliminary conclusions will be given in this paper. This paper will also provide a 45 GHz microwave solution for the next generation ECR ion source FECR (a Fourth generation ECR ion source). After off-line tests of microwave transmission efficiency and mode purity, the 45 GHz gyrotron microwave system has been commissioned with SECRAL-II (a superconducting ECR ion source optimized for 28 GHz operation), and some preliminary results have been achieved and will be given in this paper.  
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THA4 Development of LECR4 Ion Source for Intense Beam Production and LECR5 for SESRI Project 188
  • C. Qian, X. Fang, Y.C. Feng, J.W. Guo, W. Huang, Z.H. Jia, X.X. Li, W. Lu, L.T. Sun, H. Wang, Y. Yang, X.Z. Zhang, H.W. Zhao
    IMP/CAS, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  Several intense highly charged heavy ion beams have been produced from Lanzhou ECR ion source No.4 (LECR4) since 2014. Recently an attempt to generate intense light ion beam was tested by High-B mode of LECR4 ion source. We firstly produced 8.72 emA of 4He2+ beam with 1.7 kW of 18 GHz microwave power at 30 kV extraction voltage. According to the experience of LECR4. A new room temperature ECR ion source (named LECR5) has been designed to deliver multiple charge ion beams for the Space Environment Simulation Research Infrastructure (SESRI) at Harbin Institute of Technology. It aims to produce almost all ion beams from H2+ to 209Bi32+. This article reviews the latest result of LECR4 and preliminary design of LECR5 in detail.  
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