Author: Brandenburg, S.
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TUP19 Status Report on the AECR-U Ion Source at KVI-CART 125
  • H.R. Kremers, J.P.M. Beijers, S. Brandenburg
    KVI, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • B.N. Jones
    KVI-CART, Groningen, The Netherlands
  Due to the growing demand for pure heavy ion beams at KVI-CART, there is a motivation to improve the intensities and quality of these beams. A new hexapole, equipped with a pole tip field of 0.86 T on the plasma chamber wall, has been installed in the AECR ion source to improve the performance of the source, which includes an observed enhancement in all charge state distributions. For the xenon charge state distribution this resulted in a significant increase of the higher charge states that now allows for the production of an 129Xe32+ beam with intensities of 2 µA (un-collimated beam) that can be used for regular operations. Beams of 12C, 16O, 20Ne, 40Ar, 84Kr and 129Xe were developed to demonstrate a high purity of the beam on target. For 129Xe we achieved a beam with impurities at the 10-5 level. With these improvements KVI-CART intends to offer heavy ion irradiations to the scientific and radiation hardness test community.  
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