Author: Barue, C.
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WEB2 Plasma Modelization and Study for the PHOENIX V3 ECR Ion Source 176
  • A. Leduc, C. Barue, F. Lemagnen, L. Maunoury
    GANIL, Caen, France
  • J. Jacob, P. Sole, T. Thuillier
    LPSC, Grenoble Cedex, France
  In the framework of the Spiral2 project, the PHOENIX V3 ion source upgrade has been developed to optimize the production of ion beams with charge over mass Q/A=1/3. The ion source aims to produce mainly metallic ions. For such beams, the atoms are often trapped into the plasma wall chamber leading to a poor global ionization efficiency. In order to study the wall capture and improve the atom to ion conversion, a temperature controlled liner is designed and under construction to test the atoms re-emission from the wall as a function of temperature in PHOENIX V3. In parallel, a hybrid particle in cells (PIC) code is under development to study the metallic ion dynamics in the plasma chamber and its extraction as an ion beam. A low temperature oven has been designed and tested leading to a global efficiency for Ca beam of above 20%. The oven was simulated and coupled to the hybrid PIC code to study the calcium atom capture from the oven to the plasma. Comparison between simulation and experience is proposed.  
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