EPAC1992 Keywords
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Keyword: residual gas

Title Other Keywords Page
Neutralization of the Beam Space Charge in Electron Storage Rings electron, field, ion, ionization 810
  • E. Bulyak, P. Gladkikh, A. Shcherbakov (Kharkov Institute)
Experience with the Residual Gas Ionisation Beam Profile Monitors at the DESY Proton Accelerators acceleration, field, proton, vacuum 1133
  • K. Wittenburg (DESY)
Experience with the Operation of the LEP Vacuum System and its Performance for LEP200 photon, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 1564
  • J. -P. Bojon, O. Gröbner, J. -M. Laurent, P. M. Stubin (CERN)
Series of High Voltage Ion Accelerators for Use in Industrial Technological Lines acceleration, field, ion, vacuum 1711
  • N. I. Alinovsky, I. L. Chertok, N. S. Dikansky, A. D. Goncharov, V. P. Ostanin, V. G. Shamovsky, B. N. Sukhina (INP, Novosibirsk)