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Keyword: bunching

Title Other Keywords Page
The RFQ2 Complex: the Future Injector to CERN Linac 2 alignment, injection, ion, linac 539
  • M. Weiss (CERN)
Beam Dynamics Studies for the CERN Lead-Ion RFQ accelerator, emittance, field, ion 973
  • G. Amendola, M. Weiss (CERN), A. Pisent (INFN, Legnaro), J. M. Quesada (Universidad de Sevilla)
Measuring the Beam Position in the ELETTRA Linac impedance, linac, modulator, software 1118
  • R. Ursic, J. C. Denard (Sincrotrone Trieste)
The Beam Pulsing System for the 600 kV Neutron Generator ion, klystron, neutron, target 1244
  • J.-Q. Lu, C.-E. Chen, D.-L. Xie, S.-Q. Zhang (Peking University)