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Author: Tronc, D.

Title Page
Progress Report on 3 /4 Backward TW Accelerating Module for the ELETTRA 1.5 GeV Electron Injector 518
  • P. Girault, C. Bourat, P. Letellier, G. Meyrand, S. Sierra, D. Tronc (General Electric CGR MeV, Buc, France)
Commissioning of the CAMD Louisiana State Univ. 200 MeV Electron Linac Injector 575
  • P. Letellier, B. Grémont, G. Meyrand, D. Tronc (General Electric CGR MeV, Buc, France), R. Johnsen, D. Wang (Maxwell-Brobeck Division, Richmond, CA, USA)