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Author: Nikogossian, V. Ts

Title Page
The Features of Forming the Magnetic Cycle of Yerevan Synchrotron 1435
  • V. P. Goncharenco, O. A. Gusev (D. S. Efremov's SRIEPA, USSR), V. Bothe (DESY), G. A. Martorossian, V. Ts Nikogossian, K. A. Sadoyan (Yerevan Physics Institute)
Septum Magnet for Electron Extraction System at the Synchrotron EPI 1491
  • A. Z. Babaian, A. E. Nazanian, V. Ts Nikogossian, A. R. Tumanian, A. G. Zacharian (Yerevan Physics Institute), J. Rummler (DESY), E. A. Ludmirski (IHEP, Serpukhov)