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Author: Chen, C.-E.

Title Page
The Beam Pulsing System for the 600 kV Neutron Generator 1244
  • J.-Q. Lu, C.-E. Chen, D.-L. Xie, S.-Q. Zhang (Peking University)
The Status of RF Superconducting Activities at Peking University 1257
  • C.-E. Chen, X. Fu, J. Song, G. Wang, L. Wang, B. Zhang, K. Zhao (IHIP of Peking University)
Layout and High Power Test of a 26 MHz Spiral RFQ 1328
  • C.-E. Chen, J.-X. Fang, D. Li, W. Li, Y. Lu, O. Pan, L. Wang, M. Yu (Inst. of Heavy Ion Physics and Dept. of Technical Physics, Peking University), H. Deitinghoff, H. Klein, A. Schempp (Institut für Angewandte Physik, Univ. Frankfurt)