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Keyword: maintenance

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First Operational Experience with LEP betatron, commissioning, luminosity, tune 401
  • R. Bailey, T. Bohl, F. Bordry, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, B. Desforges, A. Faugier, V. Hatton, H. Laeger, J. Miles, J. Poole, H. Schmickler, D. Vandeplassche, G. de Rijk (CERN)
Control Systems for Ion Beam Applications Baby Cyclotrons accelerator, cyclotron, software, vacuum 827
  • M. Ladeuze, M. Abs, E. Conard, C. Dom, M. Galliaerdt, L. Hardy, Y. Jongen (IBA, Louvain-la-Neuve)
The Database System for LEP Control accelerator, implantation, optics, software 857
  • J. Poole (CERN)
Micro-Computer Control Systems for the HERA 52 MHz RF Systems accelerator, commissioning, feedback, software 869
  • M. S. de Jong, A. B. Hood (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, Ontario)
The Concept of Modernizing the BESSY Control System field, light source, software, synchrotron 872
  • G. v. Egan-Krieger, R. Müller (BESSY, Berlin)
Man Machine Interaction Tools Bases on X-Windows accelerator, cyclotron, lifetime, software 878
  • D. Giove, G. Cuttone (INFN, Milano & INFN-LNS, Catania)
Remote Control of the LEP Power Converters controls, site, software, timing 1206
  • J. G. Pett (CERN)
The Power Converters for the RF Klystrons of LEP accelerator, feedback, klystron, simulation 1209
  • P. Proudlock, H.W. Isch (CERN)