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Keyword: cw

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Experimental Behaviour of Cesium-Antimony Photocathodes under Laser Irradiation cathode, laser, photoelectric, vacuum 694
  • J. P. Girardeau-Montaut, Y. Chaouki (Lab. Interactions Laser-Matériau, Univ. Lyon 1)
Ellipsometric Measurements of Thermal and Stress Gradients on a Gold Surface by a Laser field, irradiation, laser, thermal 697
  • A. Erbeia, C. Girardeau-Montaut, J. P. Girardeau-Montaut, A. Maatallah (Lab. Interactions Laser-Matériau, Univ. Lyon 1)
Auxiliary Accelerating System for TRIUMF Cyclotron coupling, cyclotron, ion, vacuum 973
  • M. Zach, K. Fong, R. Laxdal, G.H. MacKenzie, V. Pacak, J. Pearson, J.R. Richardson, G. Stanford, R. Worsham (TRIUMF)
A 3 kW 35 to 70 MHz Solid-State Amplifier accelerator, feedback, impedance, synchrotron 1005
  • S. T. Craig, P. J. P. Bunge, R. J. West (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, Ontario)