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Keyword: wiggler

Title Other Keywords Page
FEL Studies in China accelerator, electron, field, laser 121
  • H. Zhongxi (China Acad. of Engin. Phys., Chengdu)
Electron Accelerators with Pulsed Power Drives accelerator, electron, induction, linac 186
  • W. A. Barletta (Dept. Phys. UCLA & LLNL, Livermore)
The ELFA Project accelerator, electron, radiation, waveguide 340
  • R. Bonifacio, E. Acerbi, F. Casagrande, G. Cerchioni, C. De Martinis, L. De Salvo Souza, B. Mc Neil, P. Pierini, T. Scharlemann, N. Sterpi (Dip. di Fis. Univ. di Milano & LASA (INFN), Milano; LLNL, Livermore)
Design of a Small Emittance Electron Storage Ring for High Brightness VUV Radiation betatron, electron, field, tune 481
  • Y. Miyahara, M. Y. Lin (Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Univ. of Tokyo)
The ELETTRA Control and Data Acquisition System brilliance, monitoring, radiation, software 821
  • P. Michelini (Sincrotrone Trieste)
The Composite Wiggler for the ELFA Project coupling, electron, field, radiation 1368
  • E. Acerbi, R. Bonifacio, R. Corsini, L. De Salvo Souza, L. Rossi (LASA-INFN and Univ. of Milan)
Status Report on the Superconducting Wiggler - Insertion Device on ADONE electron, field, radiation, synchrotron 1371
  • M. Barone, A. Cattoni, G. Modestino, M. Preger, C. Sanelli (INFN-LNF, Frascati)
A Study of a TBA Lattice for the Pohang Light Source insertion, ion, lattice, light source 1399
  • K. Nam, J. Choi (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Design Criteria and Lattice Study for the LNF -Factory damping, lattice, luminosity, radiation 1476
  • S. Bartalucci, M. Bassetti, M. Biagini, C. Biscari, S. Guiducci, M.R. Masullo, L. Palumbo, M. Preger, M. Serio, B. Spataro, G. Vignola (INFN-LNF, Frascati; INFN Sez., Napoli & Dip. Energ. Univ. Roma)
Spin Matching Conditions in Large Electron Storage Rings with Purely Horizontal Beam Polarization damping, photon, polarization, synchrotron 1503
  • R. Rossmanith (CEBAF)