EPAC1990 Keywords
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Keyword: positron

Title Other Keywords Page
A Review of Polarized Electron and Positron Beams damping, electron, optics, polarization 164
  • D. P. Barber (DESY)
High Luminosity BB Factories Using Novel Techniques background, damping, linac, luminosity 395
  • W. A. Barletta, D.B. Cline, C. Pellegrini (Cent. for Advance Accel., Los Angeles & LLNL, Livermore)
The PLS 2 GeV Electron Linear Accelerator electron, klystron, linac, vacuum 532
  • S. Y. Park, M. Yoon (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Space Charge Compensated RF Gun: A New Way to Ultra High Brightness Electron Beams cathode, electron, field, gun 703
  • L. Serafini, C. Pagani, A. Peretti (INFN, Sez. di Milano)
Production of a Slow Positron Beam at the 90 MeV Linac of the Ghent University electron, field, target, vacuum 715
  • J. Paridaens, M. Dorikens, L. Dorikens-Vanpraet, W. Mondelaers, D. Segers (RUG, Lab. for Nucl. Physics, Gent)
An Optical Beam Size Monitor for ADONE field, optics, synchrotron, vacuum 753
  • P. Patteri (INFN-LNF, Frascati)
Mechanical Design, Signal Processing and Operator Interface of the LEP Beam Current Transformers injection, lifetime, timing, vacuum 794
  • G. Burtin, R.J. Colchester, C. Fischer, J.-Y. Hemery, R. Jung, M. Vanden Eyden, J. M. Vouillot (CERN)
Status of the TRISTAN Superconducting RF System acceleration, field, synchrotron, vacuum 1085
  • K. Kubo, K. Akai, E. Kako, S. Noguchi, T. Shishido, T. Suzuki (KEK)
Novel Bipolar Power Converter for Corrector Magnets acceleration, chopper, electron, feedback 1191
  • R. Forrest (CERN)
Beam Transport System of the PLS 2 GeV Linear Accelerator electron, field, gun, linac 1283
  • M. Yoon (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Damping of Longitudinal Coupled Dipole Bunch Oscillations in LEP electron, feedback, pick-up, synchrotron 1554
  • J. C. Juillard, E. Peschardt (CERN)
The Beam Cutting Ejection from the CERN Electron-Positron Accumulator accumulation, extraction, kicker, septum 1595
  • A. Krusche, H. Kugler, J.P. Potier (CERN)
Measurement of the Beam-Beam Effects as a Function of the Separation in LEP damping, luminosity, tune 1664
  • K. Cornelis, W. Kalbreier, M. Meddahi, V. Mertens, M. Placidi, H. Schmickler, R. Schmidt, G. von Holtey (CERN)