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Keyword: induction

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Electron Accelerators with Pulsed Power Drives accelerator, electron, linac, wiggler 186
  • W. A. Barletta (Dept. Phys. UCLA & LLNL, Livermore)
The TRITON - A Superconducting Cyclotron with Separated Orbits betatron, cyclotron, field, focusing 574
  • U. Trinks, M. Arnold, W. Assmann, U. Buhl, A. Cazan, B. Ganahl, T. Grundey, G. Hinderer, J. Junger, H.J. Körner, R. Kratz, M. Leu, L. Rohrer, P. Schütz, Ch. Scholz, Ch. Yan (Garching)
Local Improvement of the Field Homogeneity for a Light Source Dipole Magnet beamline, electron, field, photon 1128
  • J. Xu, N. Liu, L. Schultz, G. Ulm, E. Weihreter (BESSY, Berlin)
Controlled Magnet Excitation for Electron Beam Scanning in Industrial Irradiators accelerator, electron, feedback, ion 1855
  • B. F. White, S.T. Craig, V. A. Mason, S. M. Morsink, D. L. Smyth (AECL, Chalk River Laboratories, Ontario)