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Author: Mandrillon, P.

Title Page
High-Energy Medical Accelerators 263
  • P. Mandrillon (Cyclotron Laboratory, Nice)
Transverse Particle Stability Bandwidth in Highly Spiraled Magnetic Structures 1521
  • R. Ostojic, P. Mandrillon (Boris Kidric Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade)
Progress of the Feasibility Studies of the European Light Ion Medical Accelerator 1790
  • P. Mandrillon, C. Carli, G. Cesari, R. Dubois, F. Farley, N. Fietier, P. Lefevre, R. Ostojic, C. Rocher (EULIMA-FSG CERN & CERN)
Status Report on the Installation of Proton and Neutrontherapy in Centre Antoine-Lacassagne 1815
  • P. Chauvel, N. Brassart, A. Courdi, F. Demard, J. Hérault, M. Héry, J. L. Lagrange, P. Mandrillon, J. Tuyn (CAL-CB, Nice & CERN)