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Author: Leroy, D.

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Development of High-Field Superconducting Magnets for the Large Hadron Collider 326
  • D. Leroy, R. Perin (The CERN LHC Magnet Team)
Development of a 10 T Nb3Sn Twin Aperture Model Dipole Magnet for the CERN LHC 1157
  • H. H. J. Ten Kate, M. Bona, C. Daum, A. Den Ouden, R. Dubbeldam, D. Leroy, R. Perin, D. Ter Avest, W. Van Emden, S. Wessel (Appl. Superconduc. Cent., AE Enschede; NIKHEF-H, Amsterdam; HOLEK, Ridderke CERN)