Workshop: DIPAC 2001, Photo : J-P Nicollet   

5th European Workshop on Diagnostics and Beam Instrumentation 

      Sunday 13th to Tuesday 15th May, 2001
      ESRF, Grenoble, France

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The DIPAC workshop is a forum for the exchange of the latest experiences, results and development in the field of acceleator beam instrumentation world-wide. It takes place biennally, with DIPAC 2001 being the fifth edition.

A total of 150 people attended the workshop on 13th - 15th May, 2001. The participants represented 42 different institutes or organisations from 14 countries. Among them, 18 came from the USA, 4 from Japan,
1 from Taiwan and 1 from Brazil.

The intensive programme consisted of 12 invited talks, 11 contributed talks, 42 posters and 6 discussion sessions. A guided visit to the ESRF storage ring, an industrial exhibition of 8 companies and an exhibition of BPM blocks were also organised at DIPAC 2001.

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