Author: Schönauer, H.O.
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WEPEA001 Simulation Studies of Longitudinal RF-noise and Phase Displacement Acceleration as Driving Mechanism for the MedAustron Synchrotron Slow Extraction 2501
  • U. Dorda
    EBG MedAustron, Wr. Neustadt, Austria
  • M. Benedikt, H.O. Schönauer, A. Wastl
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  MedAustron is a synchrotron based hadron therapy and research facility located in Austria currently entering the installation stage. It is an implementation of the CERN-PIMMS design which proposed induction acceleration by a betatron core as the driving mechanism for the third-order slow resonant extraction. Primarily in order to increase the accelerators flexibility towards future irradiation schemes but also as back-up options, two alternative extraction driving mechanism have been studied: Longitudinal RF-noise and phase displacement acceleration. The advantages as well as the corresponding limitations are explained, analytical estimates and particle tracking results performed with the 2D tracking codes LONG1D and a specifically developed Python based simulation code are presented.