Author: Schmidt, J.F.
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MOPWO005 Simulating Spin Dynamics and Depolarization using POLE 891
  • J.F. Schmidt, O. Boldt, F. Frommberger, W. Hillert
    ELSA, Bonn, Germany
  Funding: BMBF
The spin dynamics in circular accelerators with fast energy ramps, or short storage times of up to some seconds, can be investigated with spin tracking appropriately. Additionally, the spin motion of lepton beams is affected significantly by synchrotron radiation. Hence, spin dynamics simulations require spin tracking with a large number of particles to compute the beam polarization and thus take considerably long computing times. Therefore, high efficiency is crucial to perform systematic polarization studies. The new simulation tool POLE provides the ability to balance accuracy against computing time. To that end, adjustable approximations of magnetic fields and synchrotron radiation are implemented. POLE is accessible for a wide range of lepton storage rings because it uses the common MAD-X lattice files and the corresponding particle tracking results.