Author: Sako, H.
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MOPME024 Status of Beam Loss Spatial Distribution Measurements at J-PARC Linac 524
  • H. Sako, T. Maruta, A. Miura
    JAEA/J-PARC, Tokai-mura, Japan
  Funding: This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 24510134.
We have developed 8-plane (4 horizontal and 4 vertical) scintillating fiber hodoscope system to measure proton tracks due to beam loss in the ACS section at the J-PARC linac. The detector consists of upstream 4 planes (two horizontal and two vertical) and downstream 4 planes (two horizontal and 4 vertical). The time of flight measuremments between the upstream and downstream subsystems allow proton identification and energy mesurements. In summer of 2012, we have installed remote position movement system, which enables measurements of spatial distributions of proton tracks. In this presentation we show status of mesurements and data analysis.