Author: Ruelas, M.
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MOPWA080 Design of a Fast, XFEL-quality Wire Scanner 867
  • M.A. Harrison, R.B. Agustsson, P.S. Chang, T.J. Hodgetts, A.Y. Murokh, M. Ruelas
    RadiaBeam, Santa Monica, USA
  RadiaBeam Technologies, in collaboration with the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, has designed and built a fast wire scanner for transverse beam size measurements in the XFEL Injector Test Facility. The wire scanner utilizes three 25-micron diameter tungsten wires mounted vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on a single alumina card to measure the transverse beam size down to 10 microns with sub-micron accuracy of a 139-MeV electron beam. A double-ended design using dual bellows for actuation is used to reduce the vibrations of the wire holder during motion and negate the effects of air pressure on positioning. The servomotor-driven system is capable of performing full horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree scans in under a minute. Algorithms are presented for removing the broadening effect of the wires' thickness from the scanning data to measure beams that are as small or smaller than the wires. Furthermore, we present formulas for determining the beam's transverse spatial sizes (horizontal and vertical spot size and correlation) from the scan data.  
WEPWA080 Development of a Compact Insertion Device for Coherent Sub-mm Generation 2295
  • A.V. Smirnov, R.B. Agustsson, S. Boucher, T.J. Grandsaert, J.J. Hartzell, M. Ruelas, S. Storms
    RadiaBeam, Santa Monica, USA
  • A. Andrews, B.L. Berls, C.F. Eckman, K. Folkman, A.W. Hunt, Y. Kim, A.E. Knowles-Swingle, C. O'Neill, M. Smith
    IAC, Pocatello, IDAHO, USA
  • P. Buaphad, Y. Kim
    ISU, Pocatello, Idaho, USA
  Funding: Department of Energy Contracts DE- SC-FOA-0000760 and DE-FG02-07ER84877
A novel design of resonant Cherenkov wakefield extractor that produced a ~0.9 mm wavelength radiation is presented. The experiment was performed at Idaho Accelerator Center (IAC) using specially upgraded 1.3 GHz 44 MeV linac facility. Specifics of the radiator performance and design are outlined including low-energy beam interaction with non-circular geometry. Some elements of the design may have certain potential for future compact mm-sub-mm-wave sources.