Author: Ries, D.
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MOPEA015 A Transverse Electron Target for Heavy Ion Storage Rings 97
  • S. Geyer, O. Meusel, D. Ries
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • O.K. Kester
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  A transverse electron target is a well suited concept under discussion for storage rings to investigate electron-ion interaction processes relevant for heavy ion accelerators. Using a sheet beam of free electrons in crossed beam geometry promises not only a high energy resolution but also allows access to the interaction region for photon and electron spectroscopy under large solid angles. To realize a compact and multi-purpose applicable design, only electrostatic fields are used for beam focussing. The produced electron beam has a length of 10cm in ion beam direction and a width of around 5mm in the interaction region with densities of ~109electrons/cm3. The target geometry allows the independent adjustment of the electron beam current and energy in the region of several 10eV and a few keV. The setup meets the high requirements for an operation in the UHV environment of a storage ring and is installed applying the so-called animated beam technique. The electron target is dedicated to the FAIR storage rings. First measurements have been performed at a test bench. An overview of the project status will be presented including first results of the characterization measurements.