Author: Regidor, D.
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WEPWO043 IFMIF-EVEDA SRF Linac Couplers Test Bench 2396
  • D. Regidor, I. Kirpitchev, J. Molla, P. Méndez, A. Salom, M. Weber
    CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
  • M. Desmons, N. Grouas, P. Hardy, V.M. Hennion, H. Jenhani, F. Orsini
    CEA/IRFU, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  The IFMIF-EVEDA SRF Linac is a cryomodule equipped with eight superconducting HWR cavities, operating at the frequency of 175 MHz and powered by 200kW CW RF couplers. Before assembling the couplers to the cryomodule, it is necessary to process them using high levels of RF power. In order to perform this conditioning, the power couplers must be connected to a RF network which is fed by an RF source and ended with a load or a short-circuit, depending on the conditioning mode to be applied. A test bench has been designed for the conditioning of the SRF LINAC couplers. The main component is the “test box”, a resonant cavity where two couplers will be assembled to transmit the 200 kW from the RF source to the appropriate termination. The test box includes a large pumping port allowing an efficient pumping of the entire vacuum volume limited by the coupler ceramic windows. Several diagnostics as light detectors, vacuum gauges and thermal transducers will provide information on the relevant parameters for the control of the RF conditioning process. In addition, a support frame has been designed to maintain the whole assembly and reduce the mechanical stress on the couplers.