Author: Ranjan, D.
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MOPWO080 GPU-optimized Code for Long-term Simulations of Beam-beam Effects in Colliders 1064
  • Y. Roblin, V.S. Morozov, B. Terzić
    JLAB, Newport News, Virginia, USA
  • M. Aturban, D. Ranjan, M. Zubair
    ODU CS, Norfolk, USA
  Funding: Authored by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC under U.S. DOE Contract No. DE-AC05-06OR23177.
We report on the development of the new code for long-term simulation of beam-beam effects in particle colliders. The underlying physical model relies on a matrix-based arbitrary-order symplectic particle tracking for beam transport and the Bassetti-Erskine approximation for beam-beam interaction. The computations are accelerated through a parallel implementation on a hybrid GPU/CPU platform. With the new code, a previously computationally prohibitive long-term simulations become tractable. We use the new code to model the proposed medium-energy electron-ion collider (MEIC) at Jefferson Lab.