Author: Petenev, Y.
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WEPWA004 Multi-turn ERL Based Light Source: Analysis of Injection and Recovery Schemes 2129
  • Y. Petenev, T. Atkinson, A.V. Bondarenko, A.N. Matveenko
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  The optics simulation group at HZB is designing a multi-turn energy recovery linac -based light source. Using the superconducting Linac technology, the Femto-Science-Factory(FSF) will provide its users with ultra-bright photon beams of angstrom wavelength. The FSF is intended to be a multi-user facility and offer a variety of operation modes. The driver of the facility is a 6GeV multiturn energy recovery linac with a split linac. In this paper we compare different schemes of beam acceleration: a direct injection scheme with acceleration in a 6 GeV linac, a two-stage injection with acceleration in a 6 GeV linac, and a multi-turn (3-turn) scheme with a two-stage injection and two main 1 GeV linacs. The key points were costs and beam break up instability.