Author: Patecki, M.
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MOPWA034 Electron Tracking Simulations in the Presence of the Beam and External Fields 741
  • M. Patecki, B. Dehning, G. Iadarola, M. Sapinski
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The ionisation profile monitors installed in the CERN LHC and SPS, makes use of the ionisation of small quantities of injected neon gas by the circulating beam. The electrons produced are guided towards the readout system using a combination of electric and magnetic fields. However, in the presence of the beam field their tracks are modified and the resulting profile is distorted. The Geant4 physics simulation package has been used to simulate the ionisation process, while the CERN-developed PyECLOUD code has been used for tracking the resulting ionised particles. In this paper the results of simulations are compared with observations, with conclusions presented on the accuracy of the reconstruction of high-intensity beam profiles.