Author: Olvegaard, M.     [Olvegård, M.]
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TUPWA046 Experimental Results from the Test Beam Line in the CLIC Test Facility 3 1814
  • R.L. Lillestøl, S. Döbert, M. Olvegård
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • E. Adli
    University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
  In the CLIC two-beam scheme, the main beam is accelerated by rf power provided by energy extraction from a secondary drive beam. This energy is extracted in decelerators, and the first prototype decelerator is the Test Beam Line in the CLIC Test Facility 3. The line is currently equipped with 12 Power Extraction and Transfer Structures (PETS), which allows for extracting up to 40% of the beam energy. We correlate the measured deceleration with predictions from the beam current and the rf power produced in the PETS. We also discuss recent bunch length measurements and how it influences the deceleration. Finally we look at the evolution of the transverse emittance.