Author: Oleinik, V.
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THPFI080 NSC KIPT Neutron Source on the Base of Subcritical Assembly Driven with Electron Linear Accelerator 3481
  • A.Y. Zelinsky, O. Bezditko, P.O. Demchenko, I.M. Karnaukhov, V. Oleinik, F.A. Peev, I. Ushakov, O.M. Vodin
    NSC/KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Y. Gohar
    ANL, Argonne, USA
  National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology” (NSC KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine) together with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL, USA) develops the conceptual project of a neutron source based on the sub-critical assembly driven by electron linear accelerator. The main functions of the subcritical assembly are support of the nuclear industry and medical researches. Reactor physics and material researchs will be carried out at the facility. For subcritical assembly design proven techniques and practices are used to enhance its utilization. The goal of the development is to create in Ukraine the experimental basis for neutron research based on safe intensive sources of neutrons. The main facility components are an electron linear accelerator, a system for electron beam transportation from linear accelerator to the target, neutron production target, subcritical assembly, biological shield, neutron channels and auxiliary supporting systems.