Author: Nowak, E.M.
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THPFI062 Design of Air-cooled Beam Dump for Extraction Line of PS Booster 3436
  • A. Perillo-Marcone, T. Antonakakis, M. Battistin, M.A. Czapski, G.W. Mason, E.M. Nowak, A. Sarrió Martínez, S. Sgobba, V. Venturi, V. Vlachoudis
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  A new beam dump has been designed, which withstands the future proton beam extracted from the PS Booster at CERN, consisting of up to 1014 protons per pulse at 2 GeV after its upgrade in 2018/2019. In order to be able to efficiently release the deposited heat, the new dump will be made out of a single cylindrical block of a copper alloy and be cooled by forced ventilation. In order to determine the energy density distribution deposited by the beam in the dump, Monte Carlo simulations were performed using FLUKA, and thermo-mechanical analyses carried out by importing the energy density into Ansys. In addition, CFD simulations of the airflow were carried out in order to accurately estimate the heat transfer convection coefficient on the surface of the dump. In this paper we describe the design process and highlight the constraints of integrating a new dump for increased beam power into the existing facility.