Author: Nouvel, P.
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THPFI061 Design Process of the Interlock Systems for the Compact Linear Collider 3433
  • P. Nouvel, M. Jonker, B. Puccio
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • H. Tap
    INPT, Toulouse, France
  Interlock systems are a critical part for the machine protection of linear colliders. Their goal is to inhibit the next pulse either on failure of critical equipment and/or on low beam quality evaluation. This paper presents the on-going process to validate design choices for the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) interlock systems. The design process starts by establishing requirements. In mission-critical system case, they are mainly focused on the dependability. Moreover, the new concept of fast beam quality analysis has been introduced into the CLIC interlock system and will be discussed in this paper. To support the design process, experimentation on this concept has been launched. In addition, a hardware demonstration of the interlock systems has been set-up. It allows validating the design in concordance with the requirements.