Author: Norihito, N.
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MOPFI013 A Lifetime Study of CsK2Sb Cathode 309
  • M. Kuriki, H. Iijima, K. Miyoshi, N. Norihito
    HU/AdSM, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan
  Funding: Cooperative and Supporting Program for Researches and Educations in Universities by High energy accelerator research organization (KEK)
CsK2Sb multi-alkali cathode is one of the candidates of robust and high efficiency cathode for high brightness electron source. CsKSb can be driven by green laser and it is a big advantage comparing to Cs2Te cathode which is widely used as a robust photo-cathode and driven by UV light. In Hiroshima University, a test chamber for CsK2Sb photo-cathode study is developed. In the chamber, CsK2Sb photo-cathode is formed by evaporation on SUS base plate. During the evaporation, amount is monitored by quartz meter. We devised good locations of the evaporation source, base plate, and thickness monitor, so that all evaporation processes for Cs, K, and Sb are under control. The base plate temperature is also controlled during the cathode formation. More than 2.0% quantum efficiency was achieved at the first activation test. The cathode lifetime was more than 200 hours and more than 20C in charge. The latest experimental result will be reported.