Author: Nagasaki, K.
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MOPFI020 Cold Test of the Coaxial Cavity for Thermionic Triode Type RF Gun 324
  • T. Konstantin, Y.W. Choi, T. Kii, R. Kinjo, K. Masuda, M. Mishima, K. Nagasaki, H. Negm, H. Ohgaki, K. Okumura, M. Omer, S. Shibata, K. Shimahashi, K. Yoshida, H. Zen
    Kyoto University, Institute for Advanced Energy, Kyoto, Japan
  A thermionic rf gun has several advantages as compared to photocathode gun. Such as low cost, high averaged current and simple operation. However a thermionic rf gun has a significant disadvantage in form of back bombardment effect. The KU-FEL facility is an oscillator type FEL, which uses a thermionic 4.5 cell S-band RF gun for electron beam generation. The back bombardment effect causes increasing current in macropulse, which limits the gain of the FEL. In order to mitigate the current increase we plan to modify thermionic rf gun to triode type rf gun. Therefore an additional rf cavity has been designed. This cavity has separate rf power supply with amplitude and phase control. By this means we can properly adjust the injection of electrons into the main gun body. According to simulations the triode type gun can reduce 80% of back streaming electron energy*. The cold tests of the first prototype have revealed deviation from designed values**. Based on the tests of the first prototype new prototype with integrated mechanism for resonance tuning has been designed and fabricated. In this work we report the cold test of the redesigned prototype of the coaxial rf cavity.
* K. Masuda et al. Proceedings of FEL 2006, BESSY Berlin.
** M. Takasaki et al. Proceedings of FEL 2010, Malbö