Author: Myers, S.
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MOPWO036 Civil Engineering Feasibility Studies for Future Ring Colliders at CERN 969
  • J.A. Osborne, O.S. Brüning, M. Klein, S. Myers, S. Myers, L. Rossi, C.S. Waaijer, F. Zimmermann
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • M. Klein
    DESY Zeuthen, Zeuthen, Germany
  CERN civil engineers are studying the feasibility of future ring colliders to complement the LHC. Infrastructure works typically represent one third of the cost of major physics projects, so it's critical that the construction costs are well understood from the conceptual stage. This poster presents the first results of the feasibility studies for two potential ring colliders at CERN: the racetrack shaped Linac-Ring LHeC and an 80km circular tunnel to house the High Energy LHC (SHE-LHC) and the TLEP. Some of the key civil engineering challenges faced in such large scale projects are presented with particular emphasis on geology, design and risk.