Author: Musardo, M.M.
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WEPWA086 Characterization of PrFeB Permanent Magnet Blocks with Helmholtz Coils at NSLS-II 2304
  • P. He, P.L. Cappadoro, T.M. Corwin, H.C. Fernandes, D.A. Harder, C.A. Kitegi, M.M. Musardo, G. Rakowsky, J. Rank, T. Tanabe
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  • M. Kokole
    KYTE, Sezana, Slovenia
  For investigatation to build the cryogenic undulator using bake-able Praseodymium-Iron-Boron(PrFeB) magnet blocks, a short period(16.8mm) and fixed gap(5mm) hybrid undulator prototype has been fabricated at BNL. For this undulator, 36 PrFeB magnet blocks(28 type A, 4 type B, 4 type C) are used. The magnetic field characteristics of the undulator heavily depend on the directional uniformity of the magnetization of block sets. The strength and direction of magnetization of the PrFeB magnet blocks are measured using a Helmholtz coil system. The data include the three vector components of the total magnetic dipole moment of the blocks and also compare with vendor measuremeant results.