Author: Mu, Z.C.
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THPWO042 Macroparticle Simulation Studies of a Beam-core Matching Experiment 3860
  • H. Jiang, P. Chen, S. Fu, T. Huang, F. Li, P. Li, H.C. Liu, C. Meng, M. Meng, Z.C. Mu, H.F. Ouyang, J. Peng, L.Y. Rong, B. Sun, J.M. Tian, B. Wang, S.C. Wang, W.Q. Xin, T.G. Xu, L. Zeng, F.X. Zhao
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  We compared the 3-D nonlinear macro- particle code IMPACT simulations with the measured beam-core profiles obtained by the wire-scanners in the beam-core matching experiment. Quadrupole scans were used to determinate the transverse properties of the RFQ output beam. The Gaussian distribution was chosen as the initial particle distribution, which is well fit with the measured beam-core profile. We matched the beam using the least-squares fitting procedure that adjusted the first four matching quadrupoles to produce equal rms beam size in the last six wire scanners. Simulations had been fairly successful in reproducing the core of the measured matched beam profiles.