Author: Montero, I.
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TUPWA041 Reduction of Secondary Electron (SEY) Yield Figures on Smooth Metallic Surfaces by Means of Magnetic Roughness 1799
  • M. Taborelli, F. Caspers, M. Mensi
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • L.S. Aguilera, I. Montero
    CSIC, Madrid, Spain
  High secondary electron yield of metallic surfaces used in accelerator and also space applications is of general concern. In addition to several well known coating techniques and microscopic or macroscopic mechanical roughness (grooves) which may significantly increase microwave losses the concept of magnetic surface roughness has been proposed recently. In this concept a smooth and very well conductimg surface with low microwave losses is maintained, but underneath this surface a large number of tiny permanent magnets are located to build a rough magnetic equipotential structure. In this paper we present and discuss measurement of the SEY and the improvement in terms of SEY for different parameter ranges