Author: Minagawa, Y.
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TUPWO015 Off-Energy Injection Into Newsubaru 1913
  • Y. Shoji
    LASTI, Hyogo, Japan
  • Y. Minagawa, Y. Takemura
    JASRI/SPring-8, Hyogo-ken, Japan
  NewSUBARU is temporarily operated in non-achromatic mode for the research using chromaticity modulation. At this special mode, a normal injection scheme does not work because of the larger stored beam size and smaller ring acceptance. In order to obtain good injection efficiency, which enables top-up operation, the injected beam energy is displaced from the ring energy. The finite dispersion of 1.1 m at the injection point and the energy displacement of 0.7% reduce the betatron oscillation amplitude of the injected beam. A trade off is a synchrotron oscillation produced by the energy mismatch. Using this technique, it became possible to inject new beam using a closed fast injection bump and also a top-up operation. Although it is not possible to inject beam to a normal achromatic lattice using a closed bump. Especially in non-achromatic quasi-isochronous ring, it would be possible that the energy mismatch is reduced by the betatron amplitude dependent shift of the equilibrium energy.