Author: Martini, M.
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WEPEA052 Investigations on CERN PSB Beam Dynamics with Strong Direct Space Charge Effects Using the PTC-ORBIT Code 2621
  • V. Forte, E. Benedetto, C. Carli, M. Martini, B. Mikulec, E. Métral, F. Schmidt
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • A.Y. Molodozhentsev
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  The CERN PS Booster (PSB) is the first synchrotron of the LHC injector chain consisting out of four superposed rings and providing beam for many users. As part of the LIU project, the machine will be upgraded. Space charge and resonances are serious issues for the good quality of the beam at injection energy. Consequently simulations are needed to track the beam in the machine taking into account space charge effects: PTC-ORBIT has been used as tracking code. This paper presents simulations results compared with the measurements for machine performances evaluation and code-benchmarking purposes.