Author: Mao, R.S.
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High Intensity Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) in China  
  • J.C. Yang, W.P. Chai, D.Q. Gao, Y. He, P. Li, L.Z. Ma, X. Ma, R.S. Mao, J. Meng, J. Shi, L.T. Sun, J.W. Xia, G.Q. Xiao, H.S. Xu, D.Y. Yin, Y.J. Yuan, W.-L. Zhan, J.Q. Zhang, H.W. Zhao, X.H. Zhou
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  HIAF ( High Intensity heavy ion Accelerator Facility ) is a new facility planned at China for heavy ion related research. The accelerator complex of this facility consists of a high current superconducting linac (S-Linac), a 45 Tm multifunction synchrotron (ABR-45) equipped with electron cooling for beam accumulation and acceleration and a high energy storage ring system with three storage rings CSR-45, MCR45-1, MCR45-2. The beam from ABR-45 can be stacked longitudinally to high intensity in CSR45. MCR45-1 and MCR45-2 provied two interaction points for Ion-Ion Merging and Electron-Ion Collision researches. The key features of the facility are unprecedented pulse beam intensities and versatile operation mode. The facility will provide intense beams of primary and rare isotopes relativistic heavy ions for a wide range of experiments in particle, nuclear and atomic physics. High energetic and highly bunched heavy ion beams are used to interact with dense plasma to probe the physics of nuclear fusion. Highly charged ions are used for atomic physics programs and a series of applied science.  
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