Author: Malka, V.
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MOYBB101 Review of Laser Wakefield Accelerators 11
  • V. Malka
    LOA, Palaiseau, France
  Funding: European Research Council for funding the PARIS ERC project (Contract No. 226424). EC FP7 LASERLABEUROPE/ LAPTECH (Contract No. 228334) EuCARD/ANAC, EC FP7 (Contract No. 227579)
This review talk will highlight the tremendous evolution of the research on laser wakefield accelerators* that has, in record time, led to the production of high quality electron beams beyond the GeV level, using compact laser systems. I will describe the path we followed to explore different injection schemes (bubble, colliding laser pulses, injection in gradient, longitudinal and transverse, ionisation injection) and I will present the most significant breakthroughs which allowed to generate stable, high peak current and high quality electron beams, with control of the charge, of the relative energy spread and of the electron energy. Modelling and experimental results will be as well reported with examples of applications**.
* V. Malka, Physics of Plasmas 19, 055501 (2012)
** V. Malka et al., Nature Physics 4, 447 (2008)
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