Author: Lu, X.Y.
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MOPEA040 Study of Geometry Dependent Multipacting of a Superconducting QWR 166
  • K. Zhou, X.Y. Lu, X. Luo, S.W. Quan, L. Yang, Z.Y. Yao
    PKU, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Funding: The Major Research Plan of National Natural Science Foundation of China
A superconducting quarter wave resonator (QWR) of frequency=162.5 MHz and β=0.085 has been designed at Peking University. This paper focus on the multipacting (MP) study for the QWR with CST Particle Studio. The simulation results for the initial designed model reveal that there is no sign of MP with its normal operating accelerating gradients in the range of 6-8 MV/m. The accelerating gradient range that may incur MP is from about 1.4 MV/m to 3.2 MV/m, and the places where MP may be encountered are mainly located at the top part of the QWR. So the effect of different top geometries on MP has also been studied in depth. Our results show that inward convex round roof is better than other round roofs, and plane roofs have an obvious advantage over round roofs on the suppression of MP in general. While considering the optimization of its electromagnetic (EM) design, our initial designed model is also acceptable.