Author: Lopez-Fernandez, R.
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MOPWO010 Machine Protection Studies for a Crab Cavity in the LHC 906
  • B. Yee-Rendon, R. Lopez-Fernandez
    CINVESTAV, Mexico City, Mexico
  • T. Baer, J. Barranco, R. Calaga, A. Marsili, R. Tomás, F. Zimmermann
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Funding: US-LARP and CONACYT
Crab cavities (CCs) apply a transverse kick that rotate the bunches so as to have a head-on collision at the interaction point (IP). Such cavities were successfully used to improve the luminosity of KEKB. They are also a key ingredient of the HL-LHC project to increase the luminosity of the LHC. As CCs can rapidly change the particle trajectories, machine protection studies are required to assess the beam losses due to fast CC failures. In this paper, we discuss the effect of rapid voltage or phase changes in a CC for the HL-LHC layout using measured beam distributions from the present LHC.