Author: Liu, Y.H.
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MOPWA018 CW-type HV Power Supply of 50 Hz and its Application in Accelerator Power Supply 699
  • Z.-F. He, D.M. Li, Y.H. Liu, S.L. Wang, J.-L. Zhang, Y.-T. Zhang
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Funding: The Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  The high-voltage power supply is an integral part of accelerator technology, as its stable and reliable output is an important guarantee for accelerator properly working. In a number of engineering practice of accelerator design and construction, we tried to use the Cockcroft-Walton (CW) type of power supply driven by 50 Hz and got success. It is of simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance, and high efficiency. This report describes the technical difficulties and the solutions in the CW-type power supply driven by 50 Hz. It also gives an introduction of the latest design of 800 kV/30 mA electron accelerator, which is being assembled at SINAP. Recent work has shown that it is an option to choose 50 Hz driven power system when it is more lenient on the voltage ripple but needed to be as high as possible on the energy conversion efficiency.
THPWA022 An 800kV 30mA Line-Frequency Cockcroft-Walton Dc Generator Using Gas Insulated Transformer for Radiation Application 3675
  • Y.H. Liu, H.L. Guo, Z.-F. He, D.M. Li, M.X. Li, W.G. Shi, H.J. Su, S.L. Wang, Y.J. Yang, J.L. Zhang, Y.-T. Zhang
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  The design and construction of a line-frequency 800 kV Cockcroft-Walton DC generator using gas insulated transformers are described, as well as the motive to develop it into radiation application. Several features are underlined, preliminary test results of the prototype presented and some problems encountered discussed.