Author: Liu, Y.
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THPWA027 Evaluation of Zero-failure Data in Transient Ionizing Radiation Based on Ordering Method in the Sample Space 3681
  • X.Y. Bai, X.M. Jin, R.B. Li, Y. Liu, Q. Ma, Ch. Qi
    NINT, Xi'an, People's Republic of China
  The conventional method for the evaluation of data in lot acceptance testing (LAT) of transient ionizing radiation is non-parametric method. But the evaluation results are very conservative. After the discovery of data in transient ionizing radiation belonging to one universal data model “case 1 interval censored data”, ordering method in the sample space was introduced and applied to evaluate zero-failure data and was compared with non-parametric method both theoretically and via a practical LAT on QG-Ⅰ. Through the comparisons, it is concluded that ordering method can expand the scope of dose rate corresponding to the same lower confidence limit. It improves data utilization and this improvement could have practical significance in LAT. It can reduce requirements for the radiation source and can also reduce the number of trials.