Author: Liu, X.
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WEPWA038 Influence of Magnet Errors and Waveguide Permeability on Magnetic Field Performance in Pure Permanent Undulators 2214
  • X. Liu, K.F. Liu, B. Qin, P. Tan, B. Wu, Y.Q. Xiong, J. Yang, L. Yang
    HUST, Wuhan, People's Republic of China
  Abstract For pure permanent magnet (PM) undulator, unavoidable divergences of remanence field and magnetization vector in PM blocks and installation error will cause magnetic field error at the central line of the undulator. This paper presents the simulation results of the magnetic field in non-ideal undulator containing these errors, with specified tolerances in Normal distribution. As well as the peak field error, increases of the harmonic components and impact on field integrals are calculated. The influence on magnetic field caused by waveguide permeability is also discussed.