Author: Lin, H.Y.
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WEPWO018 Status of the IHEP 1.3 GHz Superconducting RF Program for the ILC 2355
  • J. Gao, Y.L. Chi, J.P. Dai, R. Ge, T.M. Huang, S. Jin, C. H. Li, S.P. Li, Z.Q. Li, H.Y. Lin, Y. Liu, Z.C. Liu, Q. Ma, Z.H. Mi, W.M. Pan, Y. Sun, J.Y. Zhai, T.X. Zhao, H.J. Zheng
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The 1.3 GHz superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) technology is one of the key technologies for the ILC. IHEP is building an SRF Accelerating Unit, named the IHEP ILC Test Cryomodule (IHEP ILC-TC1), for the ILC SRF system integration study, high power horizontal test and possible beam test in the future. In this paper, we report the components test results and the assembly preparation of this cryomodule. Processing and vertical test of the large grain low-loss shape 9-cell cavity is done. Performance of the in-house made high power input coupler and tuner at room temperature reaches the ILC specification.  
THPWO041 The development of a high power input coupler for China ADS injector I RFQ 3857
  • T.M. Huang, X. Chen, R. Guo, H.Y. Lin, Q. Ma, F. Meng, H.F. Ouyang, W.M. Pan, X.H. Peng, Z. Zhang, G.Y. Zhao
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  A 325 MHz RFQ is designed to accelerate a beam current of 15 mA in CW mode with injection energy of 35 keV and output energy of 3.2 MeV for China Accelerator Driven sub-critical System (ADS) injector I. Total RF power of 320 kW has to be delivered into the RFQ cavity. For reliable operation, four input couplers are adopted to share the driven power. A coaxial loop type input coupler is developed. The coupler features a Tristan type RF window, a doorknob to realize the transition from a half-height WR2300 waveguide to a coaxial line and a coaxial line with a coupling antenna loop. Two prototypes of the window and inner conductor assemblies have been fabricated and received high power test. The prototypes were tested up to 100 kW CW RF power in traveling wave mode. This paper will describe the design, fabrication and high power test of the coupler in details.