Author: Lin, F.Y.
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THPEA022 The Remote Control System for LAPECR1 3192
  • W.X. Zhou, F.Y. Lin, J.F. Luo, Y.Y. Wang, J. Yin, Y.J. Yu, D.T. Zhou
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  In order to support the debug of LAPECR1(Lanzhou All Permanent Magnet ECR Ion Source No.1) which merely provides H+ beam for HIRFL(Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou), a control system was realized in November 2011. The control system is composed of some controllers, a control-software and Intranet which is established by a switch. All of the controllers can access to Intranet directly or through serial-switch. And the controllers of the HV power and motor were designed by us. A IPC(Industrial Personal Computer) could control all of the equipments through Intranet. For the software of the system, it is designed using C++. And it could show the important data in the form of spectrum for the purpose of analysis and debug. The control system can acquire data and send command from/to the corresponding equipment.