Author: Li, X.N.
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MOPFI041 Study of Beam Longitudinal Motion for SSC 378
  • X.N. Li, Y.J. Yuan
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  The injection, acceleration and extraction of SSC(Separate Sector Cyclotron) is analyzed and simulated to get the longitudinal acceptance, using the typical ion 238U36+ with energy 9.7MeV/u. In order to study the actual longitudinal acceptance of SSC, the isochronous magnetic field model in coincidence with the real one is established by Kr-Kb and Lagrange methods based on the actual measurement. Under the isochronous magnetic field, the longitudinal acceptance at the injection, acceleration and extraction is calculated. From the simulation results the transmission efficiency is very low in SSC because of the large phase width of the beam from the injector SFC (Sector Focus Cyclotron). In the machine commissioning, the phase width of the beam line from SFC to SSC is measured by the phase probe, the results show that the actual phase width is larger than the acceptance of SSC.